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Arabian Restaurant


Bringing the authentic Middle Eastern ambiance to Jakarta, Abunawas Restaurant serves you with some genuine dishes for you to taste the real one thousand and one nights magic in flavors. Abunawas provides you with, among others, Marak (lamb, carrot, potato, tomato, leaf pere, celery) and Nasi Kapsah (lamb, tomato, sanin spice, samin oil) with the exact same taste as the one you have in their home countries. Other international cuisines such as Indonesian are also available. And off course, what’s a Abunawas Restaurant without the shisha pipes and smokes!
Numerous flavors of shisha are also listed on the restaurant’s a la carte menu for you to choose from. The
best thing of all is everything listed on the menu comes at the most affordable prices.

Abunawas Restaurant
Jl Matraman no. 15 Jakarta Timur
Telp : 021 - 858 39 14 / 859 10 322
Fax : 021 - 859 10 323